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Nissin Pulse Electronics Co., Ltd. provides high voltage products based on our high voltage, high current, high speed pulsed power technologies.
We sold various kinds of special high voltage products starts from thousands to millions voltage in world wide.
Then we have contributed to the safety and security of people's lives in society by developing test equipment simulating lightning strikes on high voltage apparatus, inverter surges in electric vehicle motors.
In recent years, with increasing awareness of environmental conservation and energy saving, we are actively developing products that do not use environmental pollutants such as mercury and energy saving products.
The know-how and technology we have cultivated over 50 years have been passed down from time to time to young engineers, and we have earned the trust of our customers through the creation of reliable products.

Nobuhiro Utsunomiya, president

Company Profile

Company name Nissin Pulse Electronics Co., Ltd.
Head Office 2744-3, Yamazaki, Noda, Chiba 278-0022, Japan
Established November 12, 1968
Stated Capital 12 million Yen
Employees 41(as of October 1, 2021)
President Nobuhiro Utsunomiya

Company History

1968 Established Pulse Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. in Tokyo.
1971 Developed and released of DC power supply (DC100kV 5mA, 2 circuits).
1979 Developed and released of High-Voltage Probe "Type:EP-50K".
1994 Developed Small Ultra-high voltage regulated power supply(±1,400kV, 5mA).
1999 Developed and released of High-Voltage Transistor Switch for 150kV.
2000 Developed and released of Inverter Pulse Generator.
2001 Obtained ISO-9001: 2000 certification.
2009 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of NHV Corporation of Nissin Electric group.
Corporate name changed to Nissin Pulse Electronics Co., Ltd.
2015 Obtained ISO-14001: 2015 certification.
2018 Developed and released of mercury-less "high current transistor switch".

Products & Solutions

  • Impulse Test System
  • AC Test System
  • DC Test System
  • Inverter Pulse Generator(Inverter Surge Generator) & Partial Discharge Detector
  • High Voltage Probe
  • High Voltage Transistor Switch
  • Special power supply and test equipment